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What We Do

Gentle Care For Your Feet

We are a Podiatry/Chiropody clinic based in Llantwit Major, our friendly and professional team at The Foot Clinic will give you a warm welcome.

Whatever your age all your concerns are important to us. No request is too small, just give us a call to speak to us at the foot clinic.

We see many foot related problems which have developed over time through illness and disease, injury, poorly fitting footwear or simply the ageing process.

We assess and treat all common foot problems which may include just simple nail cutting for those who are finding this task more difficult, to corns, callus, the diabetic foot, ingrown and other nail problems, verrucae, plantar fasciitis, elderly foot care and bio-mechanical issues.

It is important that you leave us feeling happy. One of the most rewarding statements we hear is ’that feels so much better, my pain has gone’.

Your first visit

  • Your first podiatry appointment with us will include a thorough foot health assessment.
  • A treatment plan will then be discussed and any questions answered. At your first appointment, time will be allocated to address your concerns to get your feet back to their healthy best.
  • Advice on follow up appointments if necessary will be given.
  • An optional soothing, moisturising foot massage will complete the treatment.

Verruca Microwave Therapy

At the Foot Clinic we offer different methods of verruca treatment including Verruca Microwave Therapy. This is a no scalpel & no needles verruca removal state of the art procedure that leaves the verruca with nowhere to hide. Does this sound like you?

What is Swift?

Swift is a cutting-edge technology for the treatment of verruca. It uses microwave energy to treat the virus in a very precise and controlled way. Treatment takes up to 10 seconds per verruca. The microwave energy is delivered directly to the verruca at a predetermined depth. This means that, unlike other treatments, there is no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

What causes a verruca?

There are 150 different genotypes of HPV, and 7 common strains that cause warts and verruca.

The HPV virus creates a microenvironment in the skin that encourages the survival and reproduction of the virus, effectively hiding its existence from the body’s immune system.

The aim of both of these treatments is to destroy the verruca, the key to effectively treat verruca is to trigger the body’s own immune response, rather than simply destroying the infected tissue. Independent clinical research has shown that microwave verruca treatment with Swift activates immune signalling pathways in the body, alerting the immune system to the presence of the verruca and clearing the infected tissue.

This independent clinical research was published in the European Journal of Dermatology – read the full paper, including the research on immune pathways, here

Most verruca will fully resolve within 3 treatments:

Your Podiatrist will apply 3-5 very short treatments with Swift (usually 2 seconds in duration). This quickly raises the temperature within the skin, without breaking the surface – meaning no blisters, no padding, and no scarring. It is not uncommon for patients to feel a sharp sensation, but unlike most treatments for verruca, pain felt during the treatment quickly subsides.

Your second treatment for Swift will usually occur 4 weeks later. Some patients will see black spots appear beneath the surface of the skin after the 1st treatment, but the size of the lesion may remain the same. The Swift treatment works by reducing the depth, rather than the width. Your Podiatrist will provide advice on what to expect, but patients report a similar sensation to their 1st treatment.

Your third appointment will usually be your last treatment appointment, although your Podiatrist will provide specific advice based on your individual condition. Of the patients who will resolve, 93% will resolve after this final treatment.

Your Podiatrist will usually leave a gap of 12 weeks for the body to heal and cycle through the immune response. You should feel little to no pain from the verruca at this stage, and your normal skin should be returning where the verruca was.

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